About Us

Our Business cleaning services management team represents a combined total of over 45 years of commercial cleaning experience in quality cleaning. Our teams of friendly and professional cleaners offer a wide range of services. By working closely with our customers, we are able to understand their specific needs and provide them with tailored cleaning solutions. Focused on quality and value, we work with you to establish a cleaning and maintenance program to meet your exact operational needs. Our experience allows us to source the most cost-effective products and practises, while offering you the highest standards of cleaning, to safeguard the health and safety.

Alll of our personnel are fully insured. Each and every employee is given extensive training before they begin working at any site. They are also fitted with indentifiable uniforms and or name badges.

We continuosly monitor the performacnce of our employees and provide them with feedback to help them improve their performance if necessary. We also conduct through inspections of the facility on a regular basis in order to maintain cleanliness at all times.